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I discovered my passion for image when I received my first camera at the age of 12, and have been taking pictures ever since. At 18, I began to work in advertisement and a little later co-funded The Book Photography (specializing in children and family). My parallel training as a cinematographer also trained my eye to different lighting styles and all the possibilities of capturing them.

My teachers have ranged from artists to publicity photographers, training me to be versatile and ready for many different scenarios, allowing me to work in fashion, the food industry, wedding, portrait, landscape, behind the scenes and interior design photography. 

I believe that my ongoing masters degree in psychology has helped me take photography to a new personal level, with an understanding of my subject, empathy and emotions as the true value in a photograph. 

I currently reside in Mexico City, but am available worlwide.

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T- +52 1 55 55 07 11 61




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